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As Severus stepped closer, his irritation growing, and was fascinated as Potter froze, almost as if he could sense someone there.

- [] Severus stepped closer, his irritation growing, and was fascinated OR As Severus stepped closer, his irritation growing, [he] was

although soul mate's generally had a special sensitivity towards each other…

- [mates]

"Although, she couldn't explain why I'm feel you the strongest!"

- why I[] feel

a girl was mad at me because I hadn't try to, you know, touch her or anything.

- hadn’t tr[ied] to

when she remembered the crush I'd had in sixth-year, and, well, she hexed me."

- sixth[ ]year,

It surprised Severus that despite Potter's circumstances and current predicament, His cock continued to firm up.

- that[,]
- [h]is

Severus blinked, knowing somehow Potter had move towards him,

- move[d]

He was fixated on Potter's erection which was now within so close that he could smell the musky scent of Potter's arousal.

- erection[,]
- was now [] so close

"Potter, what are you doing?" Severus grounded out, holding himself perfectly still.

- ground[] out,

Another Banished both their clothing to a neat pile on the chair and Severus turned to wave up the fire.

- Another [wave] Banished

Desire stared back at in the depths of the green eyes.

- back [] in OR back at [him] in

"I will not be toyed with, Harry," Severus' voice was deadly serious.

- Harry[.]”

The image, Harry's eyes glowing with desire, his lips stretched wide as Severus' cock slid in and out was more than Severus could handle.

- out[,]

he saw Harry licking towards his own semen off of Severus' sac.

- licking [] his

"I seem to have made a mess down here," Harry lifted his head to give Severus a cheeky grin, before going back to continue his activity.

- here[.]”

"I may need a bit time to recover."

- bit [more] time

causing one of his thumbs slipped into Severus.

- thumbs [to] slip[] into

Twisting and scissoring them, one pressed against Severus' prostate and pleasure jolted through him.

- [As he t]wist[ed] and scissor[ed] them,

"Lay down," Severus told him,

- “L[ie] down,”

It'd been a long time since he'd bottomed, Severus had forgotten how full and surprisingly intimate it could feel, especially with the feeling of their magic entwining.

- bottomed[;]

It was a bit awkward, but Severus had never anything as erotic.

- never [felt] anything [so] erotic.

Smiling when he hear Harry snore softly.

- [He s]mil[ed] when he hear[d]

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