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The Snarry-a-Thon generated some wonderful prompts that would fit in with the theme for Back to Hogwarts. Below is an abbreviated list. Feel free to adapt, twist, or ignore them entirely. And remember, using one of these prompts is completely optional.

# Prompts
1 Hogwarts’ floo system suddenly develops problems and much to Snape and Harry’s disgust, their floos seem to share a line. They soon find, however, that eavesdropping on each other’s calls can be highly amusing and… satisfying.
2 Eileen Snape (or some other member of Snape’s family) is alive and she doesn’t approve of Harry since he never finished his schooling even though he had gone on to become a respected Auror. Unfortunately for him, in the Wizarding World the family has to approve the suitor for the eldest son before they can pursue a courtship. Is Harry willing to return to Hogwarts and be the oldest 7th year student on record (according to Hogwarts: A History)?
3 Time Travel fic. Snape dies, like JKR wants but through an accident some years later Harry gets thrown back in time. Does he do enough to save Snape from the mistake that is the Dark Lord?
4 Post DH, Albus Severus is the catalyst to bring Harry and Snape together - could be due to the need to rescue him from danger, or illness, or because Al is a child who Snape feels a connection to (potions skill, sorted into Slytherin, whatever), which in turn leads to a Snarry connection.
5 Professor Potter confiscates an old Muggle porn magazine. Headmaster Snape is in it.
6 Snape is obsessed with young Lily; Harry is appalled, winds up offering himself as a substitute to distract Snape from his daughter.
7 Severus has lost the use of his legs from the attack by Nagini. Now he must learn to adapt. Who's gonna help him not give up? Harry Potter!
8 AU-magical. Harry was never placed with the Dursleys' as a baby but instead taken on grudgingly by Snape who feels obligated to care for Lily's son. He eventually comes to genuinely like the little brat and adopts him. During Harry's years at Hogwarts, however, Snape's feelings start to change again and become very inappropriate. I'd like them to have to fight disapproval for their relationship when they can no longer keep it secret, especially because of the quasi-incestuous nature of it. Angsty, but with happy, or at least hopeful ending.
9 Another AU-magical - Voldemort never existed, so Harry's parents are alive. How do they react when Harry forms a relationship with a Professor who has always despised and belittled him?
10 A not canon in almost every way idea. Harry and Severus are both teaching for Dumbledore, the Dark Lord is still alive, Harry and Severus are locked in the Room of Requirement until they can work through their animosity. What happens when the room gives them something other than what Dumbledore intended?
11 Cross-dressing!Harry -- Harry is dared to wear a girl's uniform for a day's worth of classes and discovers he rather likes the feel of a skirt beneath his robes. Snape suspects Harry is up to something over the following weeks and finally confronts Harry only to discover a rather ... lovely surprise.
12 In an Occlumency lesson, by accident, Harry gets lost inside Snape's head. He discovers unexpected truths about this man.
13 The war is over and (obviously) Snape didn’t die. He returns to Hogwarts as Headmaster and if Harry wants to be an Auror he has to finish his last year. Can he convince Snape to allow him back and what will Snape demand in return?
14 Harry gets sent back in time (before he knows he is a wizard) and grows up in the Marauder's time.
15 After that Halloween Lucius (or someone else) raises Harry on Voldemort's order- he survived somehow (up to the author). Severus is named his godfather. Now its fifth/sixth/seventh year for Harry and he's starting to notice his godfather in an unsuitable way.
16 Occlumency lessons-Snape sees Harry's fantasies.
17 Postwar. Snape survived the Shack and is a respected veteran. Harry can't stop thinking about Snape's memories, developes feelings but the Headmaster seems to be unapproachable. Harry asks for help from Hermione who manages to dig out an ancient (public) courting ritual.
18 Severus is an hebephiliac. Since being employed at Hogwarts Severus has been fulfilling his desires with the students of the school, mostly the Slytherins. Using pleasure he has bound these children to himself tighter than their parents. These kids are very loyal to Severus. He builds himself a network of pleasure slaves and informants right under Dumbledore's nose. What happens when he sets his sights on the boy-who-lived?
19 Harry is in love with Snape but hasn't told him. Last year at Hogwarts. During the last battle, Lucius Malfoy (or some other D/E or Voldie) casts a spell on Harry to de-age him 17 years, so in effect he will cease to exist. However, Snape pulls Harry out of the way so the curse hits him instead. Snape, now a handsome young man becomes the hero of the hour and everyone, men and women alike, are fawning over him. How does Harry cope and does he get his man?
20 AU. Harry wants to be a ballet dancer, but of course Vernon disapproves of that - only 'nancy-boys' want to do that. How does Harry get his dream of attending Hogwarts Ballet School? Snape as one of the dance instructors, very strict. Caning would be a bonus.
21 Snape discovers lots of fantasies with him in the starring role during Occlumency lessons.
22 Harry's patronus (a stag) and Snape's patronus (a doe) are complimentary, changing their strained Student/Teacher relationship irrevocably.
23 Harry and Snape have been in a relationship since the beginning of 6th year, but when Harry views Snape's memories at the end of Deathly Hallows he worries that he's just been a substitute for his mother. (Snape lives)
24 Amnesia fic with a twist. After the battle Snape wakes up with (almost) no memories and a total opposite of his old self (nice, outgoing, calm, etc). Everyone loves the new version of Severus but Harry, who positively loathes it. He does everything he can to restore the man to his previous self, because he wants to try and have a relationship with the true Snape.
25 Despite everything, Severus loves James Potter. Harry discovers the truth in an Occlumency lesson. Broken inside, he still decides to offer himself to Severus under the excuse that he is just seeking new excitement. "You love James, right? I will just close my eyes and use a bit of make up for my scar, and then you can pretend that I'm James." Gradually, the hurt and emptiness Harry feels whenever they have sex makes him decide to end their relationship. Will Snape let him go?
26 Because of a mishap (spell/potion), now Harry/Severus can feel the other's arousal which makes staff meetings a lot more interesting than before.
27 After the incident with Snape's Pensieve memory in Harry's fifth year Snape is being particularly nasty and abusive. When Harry gets additional grief from his housemates for the massive point losses in Potions class Harry reluctantly decides to seek out Snape and negotiate. Snape finally agrees to go easier on Harry in class- in exchange for sexual favours. (Reasonably happy ending would be nice- as much as the storyline allows.)
28 Harry and Snape are in a relationship. By whatever means, Harry gets tossed back in time to the Marauders era. He feels bad for young Severus when the falling out with Lily happens, and, completely unmindful of the dangers of interfering in the past, helps them re-establish their friendship. Result? When Harry gets tossed back into the present, Snape is now his father and only knows Harry as his son. Harry wants his man back and doesn't care that they're now related.
29 Harry overhears Dumbledore (sixth year/HBP-era) telling Snape "The boy needs someone now, Severus. More than ever. He's alone and scared. Only you can truly help him." So Harry catches Snape alone later and says, "I don't need your help!" Of course, he's totally unaware that Dumbledore was referring to Draco, not him.
30 Professor Potter finally gets to meet his husband's family. HP/The Addams family crossover. Severus' Grandmother was an Addams. Chaos begins.
31 Deathly Hallows year: Snape's patronus, the silver doe, keeps leading him to Harry's stag, through her endless yearning for love ('Always'). Snape has to fix it, quickly, or he'll be outed as a spy for the Order.
32 Harry confronts his Aunt Petunia about Snape and his mother and discovers that Lily maintained contact with Snape until the day she died. Harry returns to Hogwarts and searches Snape's quarters and finds far more than he bargained for.
33 The Half Blood Prince's book has more in it than just potions notes.
34 Six years after the war, Harry is married happily enough- until a twenty-four year old man who looks startlingly like Severus Snape takes up the post of potions professor.
35 A potions accident at the start of Harry's fifth year sends him back to 1976. Excited to get to know his parents, he is promptly sorted into Gryffindor- but his parents don't get along? And why is Lily sneaking around with Snape? Harry has to find some way to distract Severus....
36 Fred and George are aware of Harry's crush on everyone's favorite potions professor. So for his 16th birthday, they give him a solution... Moral of the story: be careful what you wish for!
37 During the summer before Harry's fifth year, he's left alone at Grimmauld place for a week while Remus and Sirius attend to Order business. Bored to tears, Harry heads into the Black library and picks up a book... The contents of the book must somehow lead to a forced bonding between Harry and Severus. Bonus points if Harry plans the whole thing out!
38 A false move in the Department of Mysteries in his fifth year sends Harry on the ride of a lifetime; to return to his own time, he must make his way through various Greek and Arthurian legends, aiding the heroes along the way! Things only get more complicated when Severus, trying to brew a potion to return him to the present, gets sent back with him. Must involve time travel.
39 Harry Potter was taken from his relatives' home at the age of eleven, abused and traumatized. After nearly six years of being hidden in Hogwarts, he meets Severus Snape for the first time.
40 Hogwart’s DADA professor, Harry Potter, is nearly 70 years old when he realises he is in love with Snape, who is nearing 90. Another ten years passes before he confesses his feelings during a quiet drink with the old man who holds his heart. Unbelievably, Snape returns with his own confession: he has loved Harry since he first came to teach at Hogwarts 25 years ago. They mourn the loss of those wasted years and unresolved feelings. They share the most heady, the most perfect kiss and both their souls soar at the connection. However at 100, Snape is tired now and too set in his ways. Distressed, Harry pleads, but to no avail… And then he wakes up as his 24 year-old Auror self. Not willing to waste the years, he applies for the job of DADA professor and tries to court a Snape who is still at the hating each other stage of the script.
41 Post Battle of Hogwarts, Severus is awaiting trial, but, feeling he deserves nothing less than death, he won’t defend himself. Harry is in Minerva’s office one day when Dumbledore’s portrait tells him where to find Severus’ journals and urges him to read them. Harry does and, just like in CoS, is pulled into the diaries. The events he sees and Snape’s feelings about them, propel Harry into the role of Snape’s defence. His new understanding of the man works also to draw them together.
42 Harry Potter turns 11 and receives a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, his uncle destroys the letter – and those that follow – before he can read it and throws him back into his cupboard under the stairs. Harry is dumbfounded by this turn of events. He reaches out to switch on the light and picks up two of his favourite books: The Philosopher’s Stone and The Goblet of Fire. These books have been his respite, his sanctuary, from his miserable life that in so many ways was identical to the book’s hero, Henry Porter.
43 Harry’s over-active, 18 year-old libido provides him with such wonderful fantasies. However, when he delves into one of his favourites, tied at wrists and ankles to Snape’s bed, only to emerge there in reality, what will happen? He soon finds out, and the next night picks another fantasy involving the potions master.
44 Professor Potter has found Slytherin's secret room hidden in the Chamber of Secrets. One night Snape sees him and goes after him. The entrance closes and they are stuck in the Chamber. Are they waiting for help or cooperate to help themselves? In solitude they work through their differences.
45 Voldemort won. Harry is surprised that it's not so bad. Until Snape opens Harry's eyes and puts him back on the path to savior-hood.
46 Harry positioning himself for a thwacking during detention with Severus. Role-play and smutty pwp encouraged.
47 Harry presenting Severus with his virginity.
48 Snape believes that teaching Harry to dance will improve his duelling skills in preparation for the battle with the Dark Lord.
49 Severus is Albus Severus’ godfather and in love with Harry. Albus Severus has a brilliant idea to get his Head of House and his Dad together, but he needs to get his father to Hogwarts first.
50 Severus was highly amused when the newly-appointed DADA professor, Harry Potter, is charged with giving this year’s lecture on gay sex to the sixth years. That is, he was until he was appointed to assist.
51 Someone is arguing during a combo Herbology/Potions class, not watching what they are doing, mix up the ingredients causing an explosive reaction which explodes all over everyone in class. When Harry and Severus wake up, they are bonded. Soul, heart and mind. (set during when they return to Hogwarts to repeat their 7th years.
52 CSI: Hogwarts. Snape is the team leader and Harry is one of the lab techs. Everyone pretends not to know about their off-hours interaction.
53 While inspecting the Gryffindor boys' dorm for contraband, professor Snape finds a very incriminating (and sexy) item in Harry Potter's trunk.
54 Virgin sacrifice is needed to restore the Hogwarts’ wards/defeat Voldemort/whatever. Good thing the definition of 'virgin' is so flexible!
55 Gloryhole story after the war: Snape likes giving, Harry likes receiving, and both don't know who the other is until Harry has to go and find out it's Snape, of course. Now how are they expected to work together at Hogwarts?
56 Hogwart’s – a sentient being itself – has concluded that either Severus or Harry can never leave “her” because of what “she’s” done to save or protect him over the years. The other must find a way to break the enchantment.
57 A take on Beauty and the Beast, AU. When he was young, Snape desperately wanted to look better, thinking it would make people accept him more. He experiments with various potions until something goes horribly wrong, and he’s transformed into a monster/disfigured. Albus lets him hide in Hogwart's dungeons until he can find a cure. One night, during his nightly prowls of the Forbidden Forest in search of ingredients he encounters a young man who is not scared of/repulsed by his looks. His name is Harry Potter. As their relationship develops, what will Albus do about it?
58 Harry's suspended as an Auror because of a scandal/botched case at the Ministry. Headmaster Snape agrees to allow Harry to fill in temporarily as groundskeeper until he can find other employment.
59 Good ol' schoolboy!submissive!Harry. With Snape *and/or* any other Wizard male or female character(s). Go nuts - shocking & amusing twists are a plus!!
60 Julie and Julia Snarry. Harry decides to make all the potions in the HBP's Potions text.
61 After having seen Snape's memories, Harry can't get past his regret at not saving Severus. He stumbles across a way to bring him back by going through the veil and overcomes a number of challenges to rescue Snape.
62 Harry is depressed over the realization that the fact that he's gay has left him in a position where he will not have the family he's always craved. He assumed being a Professor at Hogwarts would help him get over his feelings, but it only makes him want children of his own even more than before. Snape provides him with the opportunity to carry his own child, and although Harry's intent was to become a single parent, Snarry ensues.
63 The war is over and Headmaster Snape is through protecting Harry. Or so he thinks. Old habits die hard.
64 Old school Hogwarts age fic. Harry is 15 or 16, Snape, being decent under his snark, will not allow the boy's crush to go anywhere. Dumbledore has other ideas.
65 8th year. As part of a dare with the Weasley twins, Harry agrees to make a pass at every professor at Hogwarts. He leaves Snape until last.
66 AU: Snape is head of Ravenclaw; Harry is sorted into Hufflepuff.
67 Albus Severus wants to find a new partner for his Dad. He asks for help from Scorpius who use an old grimoire in his father possesion. It is Prince family grimoire and it invokes House magic.
68 Post-war, Headmaster Snape needs essence of a particular type of snake to survive, and Harry's the only Parselmouth who can help him get it.
69 Professor Longbottom sets Harry up with Headmaster Snape as he can see what apparently they can't.
70 Ginny is dead. Harry's children plot to find him 'a new wife'. But everyone is insufficient. Desperate children create a new spell to bring them an acceptable spouse for their father. Surprise - it's Severus!
71 While both are teaching at Hogwarts, Severus is hit by a spell aimed at Harry. The spell causes Severus to lose all inhibitions and focus only on having his way with Harry.
72 Professors Potter and Snape are getting married but there are those who wish to sabotage the nuptials. Chaos ensues...could be funny and heart wrenching at the same time.
73 Headmaster Snape teaches his godson, Scorpius, how to woo a Potter by practicing on Harry.
74 After a Hogwarts staff game of "Never Have I Ever" in which Snape admits to doing nothing mentioned, Professor Potter decides Snape hasn't experienced enough in life.
75 After the events in the Shack, Headmaster Snape can temporarily only speak in Parseltongue. Harry is obligated to tend him while he recovers.
76 There's a new Dark Lord on the Rise. The only thing standing between him and taking over the United Kingdom is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Severus Snape. The same man who turned his back on him breaking his heart.
77 Marauder era time-travel. Nobody could have predicted the cataclysmic events that would occur because Severus Snape died in the Shrieking Shack. In an attempt to readdress this error of Fate, a team of Aurors led by Harry Potter is sent back in time.
78 Art Prompt: Theme: A duel at Hogwarts. Mood: uncertainty.
79 Art Prompt: The forbidden forest at night, secrecy, hidden things discovered, night-blooming flowers.
80 It’s the magic that chooses who will be your first and when. Divorced, father of three, Harry Potter thinks this spell has nothing to do with him. Until one day a letter from the Ministry arrives proclaiming the magic has decided his first will be Severus Snape in approximately fifteen minutes.
81 Fifth year, chan. During Occlumency Snape discovers what Dolores Umbridge has been doing to Harry in detention, it turns out her blood quill does other things. Sexual abuse by Umbridge. Snape is torn because he fancies Harry but he doesn't want to take advantage of him. Up to the author whether or not he actually acts on those feelings while Harry is still a student or does he wait?
82 Art Prompt: Glass bottles & jars, a dark room, kisses to the unsuspecting.
83 Art Prompt: Depict at least 3 of the following: weariness, talent, the color yellow, shadows, hope.
84 Art Prompt: Depict at least 3 of the following elements: scruffy face, desire, the color blue, anger, celebration.
85 Art Prompt: Depict at least 3 of the following elements: power, sandals, the color red, longing, conflict.
86 Art prompt: Theme: Wandering, lost. Mood: melancholy
87 Art/Fic Prompt: Separation, regret, longing.
88 While sneaking around Hogwarts at night, Harry discovers Snape has a shameful secret. Any era - during regular Hogwarts years, 8th year, post-war.
89 In the last battle Harry kills Voldemort but a spell throws him back in time to Marauder Era. So he can finally get to know Snape better now that he understands the sacrifices the man made, he asks the hat to place him in Slytherin. He doesn't know that Dumbledore as a Headmaster abandoned old traditions which in these times were still used freely. All 17 year old students have to participate in a Rite of Passage or a Courtship Ritual. Harry ends doing the ritual with Severus.
90 Headmaster Snape wants to retire. Harry won't let him until he can finally make his move. But it's been years already. Whatever happened to Gryffindor courage?
91 Any era. Harry searched frantically for his diary, but even though he had turned his rooms upside down, it was nowhere to be found. He just prayed it hadn’t found its way into Snape’s hands.
92 There are strange things happening at Hogwarts, many of which seem to implicate the castle herself. Others, however, are far stranger and inexplicable, such as why is Severus Snape, merely a portrait, getting younger?
93 Portrait!Snape... only, written in a way that readers don`t realise he is a portrait. So when Harry`s friends come off as bad people for wanting to separate them and not being supportive of the relationship, in the end you realise they`re only trying to help him. Dark fic examining the real difference is between living and being a portrait and the realities of having to deal with someone you love as being unaging and unchanging.
94 Love potion accident. A student coming back from Hogwarts accidentally drops a bottle of love potion on Snape. Since it hadn't been imbued with a person's name yet ('cause Romilda Vane had to do something special to make sure Harry wanted her and not just the first person he saw), Snape walks around until he encounters the person who wants him the most and falls in love with him.
95 Headmaster Harry, the war is over. No one ever told him that his students' parents would still die and this would be the hardest part of being in his position. Snape's there to pick up the pieces.
96 Harry (Professor or Auror?) is walking by Headmaster Snape's rooms when he hears moaning. Thinking Snape's in trouble, he bursts into the room, only to find Snape in the middle of some alone time.
97 Harry is a teacher at Hogwarts, Snape is still alive and teaching as well. Staff meetings get very heated. Minerva decides to take a leaf out of a Muggle book and send all the staff one summer on a team-building retreat. She decides it will be a team-building cruise, a Muggle one. She makes Harry and Severus share a cabin as they were the two staff who were so antagonistic towards each other.
98 Maybe 10 years after the end of the war, Harry comes to teach at Hogwarts. Snape finds himself falling in love with him and goes to ridiculous lengths to stop.
99 Set in Old England, Mr. Severus Snape of Snape Manor catches a thief at Hogwarts who vows that he was only returning an item. Hours later the thief is identified as Lord Harry Potter of Godric Hollow, one of the richest gentleman in England. What is worse for Mr. Snape is that Mr. Potter needs to take up residence at his home for three months while his guardian is away. Now he finds himself trapped with not only someone who he thinks him to be a spoiled young man, but who he knows also as a thief.
100 Harry is left blind after the final battle with Voldemort. Both men are in the infirmary together under Poppy's care.


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