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...the creation and upcoming sign-ups for the latest Snarry fest from [community profile] snape_potter

art by [personal profile] veridian_dair and banner by [personal profile] lemondropseven

To promote "Back to Hogwarts", cut and paste the code below into your journal.

"Back to Hogwarts" is an anonymous, one-shot, theme-based fic and art fest hosted at [community profile] snape_potter on LJ, IJ, and DW. Since the theme is "Back to Hogwarts", posting will begin on Sept 1, 2010.


Sign-Ups: Begin June 7

Creations are due: August 15

Posting starts: Wednesday, September 1


- Participants must be 18 years old or older before September 1, 2010.

- Snape/Harry will be the primary pairing of all creations. Secondary pairings are allowed but the primary pairing must include Snape/Harry.

- We accept all ratings from G - NC-17.

- The minimum word count for fics is 1,000. There is no maximum.

- All fics should be beta-read. If you need a beta, there will be a 'call for betas' post later in the fest.

- Fics must include basic HTML tags for bold, italics, etc.

- Creations must be complete and original. They can't be part of a WiP. However, they can be part of a series if your submission is able to be read/viewed as a stand-alone.

- Creations are posted anon.

- You may not post your creations elsewhere until after the big reveal.

- Email your creations and any questions you may have to spfestmod @ gmail.com

- Please use one of the following headers:

For artists:

For authors:

- Most importantly: have fun! Yes, that's a rule. ;D


Q. - Do I really need to read all the rules and FAQs or are they pretty much the standard ones for fests?

A. - They're pretty standard, but we'd still suggest you read them.

Q. - Where will the fest be held?

A. - The fest will be held at [community profile] snape_potter and all stories, art, and mod posts will be cross-posted to IJ, LJ, and DW. Commenting will be enabled at all three sites.

Q. - Will there be a call for prompts?

A. - Not this time. The theme of the fest is 'Back to Hogwarts'. That means all the entries need to be related (however loosely) to going back to those hallowed halls. Possibilities include (but are not limited to): Traditional Hogwarts era (Harry in years 1 - 7), 8th year, time-turner fics, Professor Potter (or Snape), Headmaster Snape (or Potter), next gen, or non-magic-AU. If you can fit Hogwarts in there somewhere, we can make it work. ;D

Q. - Do you have a list of *optional* prompts in case someone needs inspiration?

The Snarry-a-Thon generated some wonderful prompts that would fit in with the theme for this fest. You can find an abbreviated list here. Though expect to be inundated by rabid plot bunnies! Feel free to adapt, twist, or ignore them entirely. And remember, using one of these prompts is completely optional.

Q. - When will I be able to sign-up?

A. - Sign-ups begin June 7

Q. - How do I sign up?

A. - Sign-ups should be made in the comment section of the sign-up post on IJ, LJ or DW and should use the sign-up template. All comments will be screened.

Q. - Will people know who signed up for the fest?

A. - Eventually. ;D But all comments on the sign-up post will be screened. One of the mods will e-mail participants to confirm their participation. Please contact the mods at spfestmod @ gmail.com if you do not receive a confirmation of your sign-up.

Q. - May I submit crafts or jewelery as my entry?

A. - Absolutely.

Q. - What if I sign-up and then the muse dries up?

A. - There is no penalty associated with not being able to submit an entry. Though the mods would appreciate knowing if you need to drop out or if you need an extension. We're all friends here.

Q. - Where should I submit my completed entry?

A. - All entries and any questions should be submitted to: spfestmod AT gmail DOT com

Q. - Will the entries be posted anonymously? Who is doing the posting?

A. - All entries will be posted by the spfestmods. And they will be posted anonymously. A masterlist of entries will be posted at the conclusion of the fest.

Q. - When will our submissions be due?

A. - All submissions are due August 15.

Q. Do you happen to have a nifty icon I can use to promote the fest?

A. We sure do! Please credit [personal profile] veridian_dair for the art and [personal profile] lemondropseven for the icon.



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